José Márquez is a Mexican-American documentary photographer and filmmaker, born in Salinas, California, an agriculture town known for being the “Salad Bowl of the World” and home to author, John Steinbeck. 

José was raised by a family of migrant workers who have contributed more than half of their lives to the Salinas Valley farming region. Growing up in a community full of rich hispanic culture, breathtaking landscapes and high number of violent crimes, helped to form José’s passion for visual storytelling. José’s documentary work concentrates on issues that shape identity, LGBTQ+, and multicultural issues. 

He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute in Ventura, California. José was the 2016 recipient of the Alexia Foundation’s Award of Excellence and in 2017 he was an attendee of the Momenta LA Project workshop.

Currently, he is based in Portland, Oregon with his dog, Gus. When he’s not busy stopping Gus from chasing after cyclists, he’s a video editor at Blue Chalk Media.