As a child I created a world. An enchanting world of symmetry within space, plastered with muted faces and colorful scenes where no one existed but me. I would hide from the strongest rays of light and the darkest of shadows terrified me. But this was all I knew; it was my home.

My desire for self-validation pushed me to seek the truth. I stepped out of the fortress I had built and felt naked in the presence of reality. Suddenly my eyes were wide open and I found myself hypnotized and transcended by the world’s beauty. This unattainable beauty became my guide and my confidant, and all at once I found myself at the center of my own tragedies. The darkness consumed my worth and left me lonelier than ever before. I looked everywhere but I wasn’t able to find the beauty that had once captivated me.

Today I stand in between two parallel universes. I co-exist with a reality that once guarded my troubled adolescence. I see glimpses of him in my dreams, trying to resurface and breathe air. I’m reminded that the beauty had never left. I was just afraid to see it once again.

This is Isolation.