Intentional Communities

Blue Chalk worked with Time Magazine to produce a video for its client Ford which explored the concept of communal living in the modern day. 

Humans are more connected than ever, yet, many people suffer from loneliness. As a result, the United States is seeing a trend of co-housing developments catering to all ages.

Co-housing consists of a cluster of private homes and shared community space. Tenants share kitchen and laundry facilities and are able to interact with others in these spaces. 

To create the film, Blue Chalk headed to Commonplace, a co-housing space in Syracuse, New York, to learn more about how this "intentional community" is improving residents' lives.   

Rob Finch, Director / Producer

Whitney Bradshaw, Director/ Producer

Matthew Slutsky, Director / Producer

José Márquez, Editor

Anna Graham, Additional footage

Jason Greene, Director of Photography